Osservatorio Coldigioco

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School House

The main building of the Observatory is a renovated former schoolhouse and has a public telephone, a library room, a xerox machine, study spaces, geological labs, and computers. The schoolhouse has recently been outfitted with solar panels (financed in part by the Regional government) which will heat water for several observatory buildings.

Margolis Hall

Named in memory of geologist Stanley Margolis, this building (the white one) houses a classroom equipped with slide and overhead projectors. Also home to the large communal kitchen, pizza oven (see below), and dining terraces. Access to bocce court is off the west end terrace. The yellow house is “La Birotta”.

Visitor Housing

Most of the buildings in Coldigioco are renovated 300-400 year old residential or farm buildings which are rustic and each beautiful in their own ways. There are four main buildings which house visitors. Each room holds anywhere from two to four people. Each house has a bathroom including toilet, sink, and often a shower. Showers may also be had in the bathhouse, which is better equipped to handle larger groups. Beds, sheets, and pillows are provided by OGC. Towels are not provided (but are nice to have, especially for swimming in the Adriatic Sea or the local reservoir). Laundry can be done using several laundry machines. As in most European households, clothes are line dried.


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